Litejoy Electronic Cigarette Review

Smoking has been one of my vices from a young age and as the years have passed by, so has the number of cigarettes I smoked on a daily basis. In the past three four years, my 10-a-day habit escalated further and I often had days when I'd be coughing in my sleep. Now I obviously know how harmful smoking is so I really wanted to cut down and resorted to nicotine gum. Sadly, it tasted so awful that I smoked more after I had the gum. After putting some more thought into it, I decided to try electronic cigarettes so here I am sharing my experience with you about a UK based brand called Litejoy which has helped me cut down on tobacco drastically. 

The Litejoy starter kit comprises of the battery, cartomisers and USB charger. The cartomiser is basically a mix of the words cartridge and atomizer and this is what contains the nicotine and flavor. I've tried 4 flavors of Litejoy - Classic original which is the equivalent of a hard cigarette, Light Original which is the equivalent of a light cigarette, Cool Menthol that's minty and Creamy Vanilla which has a delicious dessert like flavor. I've been smoking Marlboro Lights from the day I started smoking almost a decade ago, so the Light Original flavor works perfect for me. 

I like the fact that Litejoy hasn't been modeled to look like a traditional cigarette and is black and purple instead. The battery and cartomiser together form the electronic cigarette and need to be screwed together. Thus, you can use the same battery for multiple cartomisers in different flavors. Since there is no tobacco involved, there is no smoke or odor so you can smoke these inside restaurants, malls and even in the movies, making it really convenient. Inhaling at the cartomiser end produces vapor with a purple LED at the end of the battery. Because of this, smoking an ecigarette is also known as vaping.  

 From the day I started using these, I have managed to cut down tobacco drastically and my urge to smoke cigarettes has also reduced greatly so I'm definitely very pleased with the product. 

 The battery lasts for about 5-6 hours and comes with a USB charger so you can charge it on the go. A full charge takes approximately 3-4 hours if your cigarette is completely discharged. When charging, the purple light of the battery and red dot on the charger will glow. Once, fully charged, this red dot turns green. 

Now if you've been smoking for a long time, quitting is pretty difficult but if you want to make a start, I recommend switching to ecigarettes as soon as possible. It worked for me! Litejoy products are available in India and in the UK from the websites and

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Any fellow smokers here? Have you tried ecigarettes or prefer the real deal?