Free Online Photo Editing With Fotor

We live in a world where Pinterest, Instagram and Blogs are inseparable from our lives so beautiful photos are always a priority for us. If you know how to work Photoshop, you don't need anything else, however many of us mere mortals (like me) find it really complicated and have no idea how to use it. And this is when the need for a good photo editor comes up and so I'm writing about collages, cover pics, cards and much more. 

A simple feature of Fotor that I often use is the 1-Tap Enhance, which automatically adjusts settings to make your photos look better. It lets you compare the settings with the original photo, so you if you like the end result, you can save it accordingly. Besides that you can also crop, rotate, color and fine tune your image. The fine tune feature is very handy too, as you can manually adjust the exposure, highlights and shadows. You can see the effect of the 1-Tap Enhance on my original photo from the picture below -  

You can also beautify your photo with options like blemish fix, red eye removal, eye shadow, eye tint and many more. Below, I've demonstrated how I changed the color of my lipstick using their lip tint function -

Besides numerous filters, Fotor also has some fun functions like Tilt Shift that lets you blur the background and keep a certain part in focus. I also love the Color Splash feature which lets you keep only certain areas of your photo in color, as I have demonstrated below -

Besides these functions, you can also add text, symbols, funny stickers and frames to your photos, making it perfect for your blog. The site is very user friendly and I totally recommend it to you to enhance your photo so check out Fotor before you make your next post! I'm sure it will help you! One last thing, they have an app too!