Party Outfits - BFF Edition

Forget Sunshine, Liebster or (insert name here) award, I'm all about the Lindsay Lohan award. I'm the laziest fashion blogger on the planet because I have a lot of amazing clothes but never end up posting them because I always dress up at night when the weather is cooler. However, there have been times where I've been snapped up while I was partying with my BFFs. They all influence the way I dress in some way or another. So here they are -

This is my best friend Prerana, my legal advisor, partner in crime and all time love. I have endless memories of shopping with her since we were 16. She moved to a different city a few years ago so I don't get to meet her much, but we always have our telepathic connection :) 

This is me and my close friend Saloni. We were also in school together and have been friends since 2004, yup, that makes it ten years so we've pretty much grown up together. We share a common love for day drinking and the color black! She loves experimenting with different types of tights and leggings. She has a really cool alternative, emo-goth style!

Here's me and Natasha, a close friend of mine who's also a fashion blogger and has a fabulous sense of style and an amazing blog! She shuttles between India and Brazil and is a major inspiration for me to dress up and to work out! She's a huge fitness freak!

This is Parul, corporate by day, fashionista by night. She loves shopping and has a very chic, elegant and sophisticated style. So whenever I meet her, I like to dress in ladylike posh dresses :) 

That's me with Gail, one of my dearest friends who I've known for donkey years and share a very close bond with. She's a dj and even plays the bass guitar and lives in the wonderful state of Goa. She's pretty much like my older sister! Love her! 

No post is complete without a mention of my little mutt Ozzy, who's a fashionista in her own right. She loves her Aztec print sunglasses, as you can see below. 

I wish I had better photos to show you but with the weather slowly getting better, I plan to do more outfit posts! Which look do you prefer out of all of these?