Perfume Review - Mademoiselle Ricci

I'm a huge lover of perfumes and Nina Ricci has always been one of my favorite brands when it comes to them. My love for Nina Ricci fragrances started just after high school, when I was in love with sweet and fruity fragrances and hence got Les Belles de Ricci Cherry Fantasy. A few years later, while buying another sweet and fruity fragrance, I was given a generous sample of  Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps, which I found way too grown up and passed on to my mom.


A few years after that, I bought Nina by Nina Ricci, a fragrance I loved and used for over 2 years when I decided to try out a new fragrance by them. A friend of mine had Ricci Ricci, and as much as I loved it, something about it felt very strong and overpowering and now that my nose had graduated, I was looking for a fragrance that was more soft and elegant and that's when I discovered Mademoiselle Ricci, which I purchased last year and am absolutely in love with.   

The perfume comes in a pretty and dainty bottle with the lid in a shape of a couture ribbon, in a powder pink hue. A delicately balanced creaminess and powderiness make this scent beautiful. The fragrance itself is a pink woody floral set against musk and white wood with top notes of wild rose and pink pepper; middle notes of nerium oleander, rose hip and laurels and base notes of white wood and musk.  

This enveloping and deliciously attractive fragrance is a mix of some of my favorite notes. The many facets of Mademoiselle Ricci's fragrance include the chic of Rose Centifolia, the hint of craziness of Eglantine, the sensuality of Pink Laurel and the vibrancy of Pink Pepper. 

This is one of my favorite fragrances, you can check out its profile on Fragrantica here to know more about it. And if you happen to come across it, make sure you sample it out as you might just love it! 

What kind of fragrances do you usually prefer? What's your favorite perfume? Let me know!