How To Become A Successful Mompreneur

There are many reasons why the topic of this post is important to me because I have a lot to say in this matter. No, I'm not a mother and have no experience about the same (I even treat my dog as a sister and not my 'baby') However, living in a country where women 'sacrifice' their careers for the sake of their young children by quitting their jobs or choosing professions like teaching to avoid long working hours of the corporate job they're qualified for, makes me realize that there is a huge scope for mompreneurs in India. It is a known fact that motherhood makes you crafty and gives you a creativity that is driven by the necessity and willingness to give the best to your baby. And many women in India create unique products for their babies as well as for other women, but do not know how to display their creations or monetize these talents. 

And this is where MyBabyCart comes in. It is an online store that serves as a one stop shop for all your motherhood needs. From baby clothes, toys, gear, bedding and hygiene supplies, this website has got it all for the Indian mother. What makes it even more remarkable is that if you're a talented mom and a budding mompreneur, it gives you an amazing platform to sell your products online. The site provides full support to enterprising moms and manages the logistics, advertising and customer service to help their creations reach other moms in a hassle free process. All moms need to do is keep their product packed and ready for a pick up from their place.

What all you can sell? With a presence of over 200 brands, the site already has nearly fifty mompreneurs who promote their products ranging from hand-knitted clothes, blankets, maternity wear; fashion accessories like bands, bracelets, hair clips; fun stuff like bags, masks, stationery; room d├ęcor for kids which includes furniture, bedspreads, curtains and much more.  If you have the talent, don’t just keep it to yourself, even if it’s as simple as making tiny bows clips. You can make a start using MyBabyCart to get your creativity out there!

Oh look, they have Barbie too :) 

I know a lot of fashion bloggers who are mums too, and we like to be individual in our style and would want to dress up our children in the same way, so this site is perfect if you want one-of-a-kind clothing for your little one that can't be found at a store. Also worth a mention is the fact that you get positively hideous clothes for kids here in India, especially if you live in a small city. Online shopping is also a blessing to mothers who want to get outfits and accessories right at the doorstep thus sparing time to spend with their child. And what's better than something made by a mother, with love, for another?

I think MyBabyCart is a fantastic concept for all mums and if you're one, you must check it out. Let me know what you think in your comments below.