Blog Header Looks Gray? Fix it!

Last year, I had written a post explaining how to rotate photos in blogger. In that post, I had mentioned that I was inspired to do more posts with blogging tips. Fast forward to almost a year later, and I've finally found the inspiration so here is this post! I had also been wanting to change the appearance of my blog for a long time but as you may have noticed, I've finally done that now. I got rid of the former header and have made a bunch of other tweaks under the hood. Unfortunately, I'm a little confused about how my new header should be so, for the time being, its under construction :)

When I was trying out a few header options I had created, an issue I repeatedly faced was that the moment I would upload a header image to blogger, my nice white background turned into a pale shade of grey. The same also happened when I uploaded photos with a white background. You can see an example of it in this post where I had posted screenshots of an interview of mine and in the first image, the white background of the site has turned gray. After some probing and searching, I finally found a fix for it. And luckily it's really easy to fix. Below are two screenshots of my interview and as you can see, the image has turned gray.

My interview post where the white background on the left image has turned grey

Images with white backgrounds turn grey because Google is 'auto enhancing' them and this is done as a default feature. To stop this from happening here's what you need to do -

1. Go to your Google Plus settings

2. Scroll down to the Photos and Videos section and turn off the 'Auto Enhance' feature

And, you're done! After this step, you need to re-upload the header/ images to blogger again and it will now upload true to its own color without turning grey.

Have you ever experienced this problem of a white image turning grey in Blogger? If yes, how did you sort it?