Get A Celebrity Hairstyle In A Minute

As much as we all love our favorite celebrities for their looks, music or acting, there's no denying that they all have fabulous hairstyles. Its also no surprise that hairstylists often get requests from their clients to give them a haircut/color which is inspired by a celebrity. However, do you know what the easiest way to get a celebrity inspired hairstyle is? A wig.

Wigs are the easiest way you can change your hairstyle without any hassle and transform yourself into a fashion chameleon (literally) with a drop of a hat. This is something I've always wanted to do as its the easiest way to change your hair color, style, length and your overall look without sacrificing or damaging your precious locks.  I was hooked on to the idea of wigs thanks to an amazing blogger called Alexa Poletti who is a huge lover of wigs too and has loads in many colors. 

Here's a fun fact for all my Indian readers out there. Ever noticed the flight attendants at Indigo airlines with their perfect bob cut? Yup, they're all wearing wigs :) 

A wig is actually a great answer to many questions. Bored of your hair? Wear a wig. Bad hair day? Wear a wig. Want to disguise yourself? Wear a wig. Balding? Wear a wig. Want celebrity hair? Wear a wig :)

Nicole Richie's hairstyle 
Get Taylor Swift's hairstyle 

 Rihanna's sleek fringed hairstyle 
Lauren Conrad's Ombre wave hairstyle
 Katy Perry's cool blue bob 

 Jennifer Lopez's hairstyle
 Beyonce's dual colored hairstyle

Cheryl Cole's voluminous wavy hairstyle is a cool online store that stocks loads of celebrity inspired wigs and extensions in many colors, lengths and hairstyles. Besides synthetic hair wigs, they also stock human hair wigs and special wigs for African American hair. That's not all, keeping the 2014 FIFA World Cup in mind, they even have fun wigs for the football fan! I found loads of celebrity wigs on their site and decided to share some of my favorites with you. You can click on the pictures above to find the respective wig on the site.

Whether its Beyonce's and Rihanna's sleek straight hairstyle with a fringe, Katy Perry's funky blue bob, Lauren Conrad's trendy ombre waves, Taylor Swift's signature fringe, Cheryl Cole's voluminous soft waves or Nicole Richie's chic bob, has them all and many more. Which one is your favorite? Would you wear a wig?