Geo Bella Brown Circle Lens Review |

Being a hoarder of brown colored lenses, I'm always on the lookout for something natural, comfortable and perfect for daily wear. Thankfully, this pair I found at MapleLens serves all those purposes. MapleLens is an  online store in Malaysia that sells circle lenses and has a wide range of Korean brands of colored circle lenses. What I loved about them is their swift response to emails and fast shipping. Their customer service is really great and the site is easy to navigate along with cheap prices! Lenses are grouped in terms of color, size, brand and prescription making it easy for one to browse through their range. 

The lenses I got are Geo Bella Brown which came in a cute pink box which you can see below -

Here is a shot of my natural eye color outdoors in the bright afternoon sun. As much as they are brown, which shows in this close up thanks to the bright sunlight outside, the color is never visible normally and they look black as you may have have seen in my past pictures (see related contact lens review post below where my eyes look pretty black) 

My natural eye color in super bright sunlight

Voila, here I am wearing GEO Bella Brown. These lenses have a very subtle color and design which makes my eyes twinkle! They blend naturally into my eyes, but the design is quite visible. There is an outer black rim which accentuates my iris, making my eyes appear larger, and there are brown and hazel spikes that fade into a clear center.

Wearing Geo Bella Brown
They definitely make my eyes look way bigger since you may have noticed by now that I have really small eyes but these pictures sure don't show that! Comfort wise too, I wore them for long hours without a problem so these are great if you have dark eyes like mine and want a daily wear pair which add a subtle sparkle to your eye.  


Item Name: Geo Bella Brown
Diameter: 14.0 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: 1 year
Price: $18.90 USD
Approved by : KFDA

If you love colored lenses and are looking for some great options, make sure to check out MapleLens. How do you like these lenses on me? Have you ever tried colored lenses?

These photos were taken by my friend Natasha! Check out her fabulous blog here