Customize Your Bag With Toteteca

I was horrendously in need of a nice handbag when I discovered Toteteca - a fantastic online store from my very own India! What makes it unique and fabulous is that they let you choose a bag from several styles and you can customize its colors and other features to create a bag that is truly unique and fits your style. 

I normally always carry small bags like the ones you can see in this post and as much as they're perfect for chilling with friends and partying, they definitely do not work when you've got errands to run ( mine mostly consist of buying groceries and taking trips to the tailor ) so, I was determined to get a nice big carryall for myself. Having used bags in shades like bright pink, beige, coral, blue and green, I'm quite sick of bright colors and wanted something classic, timeless and versatile so I went for my favorite color - Black! I have loads of black clothes and shoes so my Toteteca bag is just perfect for my closet. 

  As they have a wide range of bags, it took me a while to decide which one I wanted but I finally zeroed on the EDGE COLORED BOWLER BAG featuring a matte black body and edge coloring, metallic black handles and trim, gold metalwork, cranberry inside lining and a monogram stitched into the inside lining, my initials of course!

Their service is great and I was delighted to receive an email within a few days after I placed my order informing me that my bag was ready and it even had an image of what the finished product looked like! Needless to say, I couldn't wait get get my hands upon it!


 I love the material, quality and look and having carried loads of stuff in it (as usual, lots of groceries and clothes to and from the tailor) I was really pleased with how sturdy it is. 

Its remarkable that you can choose between everything from the design, inner lining color, fittings in silver or gold, length of the straps and even a monogram which can either be a removable hanging tag, stitched into the inside lining or on the front and inner center of the body. 

Inside lining with JB for June Biswas

Here's me with my bag ( outfit post coming soon! )

So if you're looking for a bag that's totally YOU, check out! You can check out their designs here. And here's some good news for all my international readers - they do ship worldwide! 

What do you think of my Toteteca bag? Would you buy a customized bag or prefer one from the high street?