Would You Wear Green Lipstick?

Dolce & Gabbana's holiday 2013 makeup collection from the Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana is inspired from the bright colors of precious stones of Sicily. Aptly titled “Sicilian Jewels”, the collection comprises of four lipsticks and coordinating nail colors. The fun part? They come in some really interesting and daring colors. There’s Emerald (to which the name of this post is dedicated), Topazio (a shimmery golden yellow), Ametista (a rich shiny purple) and Rubino (a deep red, the most normal color of the lot).

'I love jewels; they are a symbol of power and passion,' said Stefano Gabbana. 'I love how they reflect the light: that’s why they have always been part of our collections since the very beginning. We adorn with gems our accessories, our corsetry, everything, like in our latest winter collection, which is the ultimate expression of what jewelry means for us.'

As Dolce’s makeup creative advisor Pat McGrath explains, the colors “can be worn in a young, ironic interpretation or with a more grown-up, sophisticated vibe. Just like a piece of jewelry.” That's not all, they also have coordinated nail polishes in this collection. “Matching your lipstick to your nail lacquer is a hot makeup trend. We chose four new shades that showcase the theatrical and playful side of looking good: they are so shiny and special that they'll be a perfect complement to any holiday or New Year outfit." says Pat.

As you would expect from a label like Dolce & Gabbana, the colors are rich and luxe just like the gems that they represent. Each of the lipsticks comes in a gold tube with a gem that matches the color of the lipstick and are priced at $35 each. I got a YSL lipstick earlier this year ( in my next post ) and would love to get the Emerald one from this collection. Unfortunately for me, it is only available in Saks Fifth Avenue in the US and Harrods in the UK.

So, how do you wear Green lipstick?

1. Mix Green Lipstick With Red
"For me, I would basically put it on the center of a red mouth to make it more brown," says McGrath. "Mix it with a red, and then you do the whole ombre thing so it makes the mouth a little darker." It's really sophisticated, she adds.

2. Wear Green Lipstick on Your Eyes
Yes, these luxury lipsticks can double up as gorgeous cream eye shadows with a gem-like gleam and you can even use the yellow topaz shade as a highlighter. Everyone's a winner!

As you can see a dark shade on model Amber Rose and a lighter one on the model to the right, it really looks good if you can carry if off. Its kinda punk rocker and definitely very bold and fashion-forward. When it comes to celebrities, I can totally imagine Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Nicky Minaj and heck, even Miley Cyrus wearing green lipstick ( Rihanna's already worn it in the past )

Of course, I'd love to wear it and am sure a lot of bloggers would try this beauty look too. So answer my question - Would you wear green lipstick?