Haul + Circle Lenses

Now I have really bad eyesight (thanks to numerous hours in front of the computer playing video games) and have been wearing glasses for about 13 years now. But I only wear my glasses at home or to work and wouldn't be caught dead without my contact lenses, especially because I feel glasses don't go with half  the clothes in my wardrobe. When it comes to lenses, I've occasionally dabbled in colored lenses ( I love a nice shade of brown as it looks natural and lights up your face) and have always been fascinated by circle lenses, the ones which make your pupils look larger, giving you a doll like appearance. Circle lenses aren't available in India so I got a pair from an online store called Kpop2. 

The lenses were really comfortable and I loved the enlargement effect. So here's a shot of me wearing the lenses. The only problem is that my eyes are so small that when I smile, you can hardly see the size of my pupils! 

Here are some close up shots that give you a better look of the pupils. Note the pretty pattern around my eyes thanks to the lenses. The pair I got is http://www.kpop2.com/lensme-contact-lenses-pumpkin-brown-13.9mm.html

Besides that, I also went on a little shopping spree to pamper myself and got 2 perfumes and a lipstick! I'm a huge perfume freak and even have a profile on Fragrantica (a site for perfume lovers who review and rate them) and I love floral fruity blends. Nina Ricci has a wonderful line of perfumes and I got two from their collection. Besides the fragrance of a perfume, the bottle is also an important factor for me when I buy a perfume, and contradictory to as much as I don't think of myself as overly girly, I have a thing for pink bottles (and underwear, lol)! So its no surprise that both the perfumes I bought are in pink bottles along with the pink lipstick :) 

The first one is Nina, in the apple shaped bottle, which is an elegant floral-fruity fragrance with the scent of candied fruits. It smells divine and is a fragrance I can never get sick of. It's the kind of fragrance which gives me that special occasion feeling and I really love it! 

The second one I got is Mademoiselle Ricci, a Floral Woody fragrance with the cute bow shaped lid. It has a delicate powdery fragrance so it's very gentle and I just took a whiff of it to be able to describe it properly before I finished typing this sentence :) 

And last is my YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick, something I was coveting for a while and had even pinned on my Pinterest wishlist! The shiny gold tube, the classy YSL logo encrusted in gold circles and the colored bar behind it which indicates the color of the liptstick - What's not to love? Besides the amazing packaging, the lipstick is a beautiful shade of pink and a little bit goes a long way! I totally love it and can't wait to get a few more!