Outfit - NH7 Weekender

Okay, so thankfully, India is catching up with the world and we finally have music festivals here too. The Bacardi NH7 weekender is one of the most talked about music festivals in India. This four-year-old weekend fest started off in my city - Pune, in 2010 and continues to kill it every year. I went for it for the first time last year for two days ( It happens on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October/November) and I loved the vibe and the experience so I went for all 3 days this year. I was too busy exploring different acts at different stages with my friends along with attending the after parties each night ( it was really tiring because there was a lot of walking ) but managed do take some pictures on Day 2 which was Saturday, 19th Oct 2013. With a gazillion girls wearing flower headbands and cutoff denim shorts everywhere in the fest, I chose to go a little tribal and boho so this is what I wore!

Besides that, I hope you all had a fun Halloween! I sure did! I chose to be Anastasia Steele with a black dress and pointy pumps and a black blindfold and black ribbons tied across my wrist while my Mr Grey played it smart and just wore a gray tee with jeans. Was an easy and fun couple outfit and it was his idea to be 50 Shades though he has no idea what the book is actually about :) Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures in character!

Anyway, getting back to the point, how do you like my festival style outfit and what did you wear on Halloween? Let me know in your comments below!