Outfit - Time To Get Fit

I didn't go to the gym yesterday. That makes makes five years in a row. 

Yeah, I've been wanting to exercise or work out like forever but lazy ol' me never did a thing about it and ate and drank like a pig (Thank you metabolism). And for those of you who start telling me that I don't need exercise and that I look perfectly fine, trust me, its all good genes and photoshop :p Okay, I haven't photoshopped myself at all in this post. But trust me when I say I have thunder thighs and could really do with a lot of toning up. I recently quit my job in Mumbai so I don't have to travel like crazy anymore and can finally spend more time on my blog (YAY! If you notice, this is my 3rd post in less than 10 days) and fitness! 

Another reason I realized that its about time I start working out? 

I got this great top below from Chicnova, its everything I love. Its black, its got a creature from the cat family ( don't know which one, maybe a lynx? ) and it looks nice with shorts and my favorite wedge sneakers. What's the problem? It was way too tight for me which makes me realize that even if I look fine, I've piled on the pounds. I wore the the very day I got it in the mail and went out with friends but soon had to ask a bartender for a pair of scissors and cut the neckline because it was choking me!

That's not all. I had a pair of denim shorts on my wishlist like forever till I found this great pair on Choies which I'm wearing below. After receiving it, to my dismay, I realized it gives me the worst muffin top ever even though its my size and I can't even button it properly or dream of wearing it out with my thunder thighs on display. Thus, here is a cute outfit which I will feel good in only if I lose a couple of inches. So, finally after all these years, I am going for a run right now. 

Top - Chicnova, Shorts - Choies, Sneakers - Promod

UPDATE : I did not run but went for an hour long walk