Restaurant Review - MasalaZone

I have always been a huge foodie and love eating out and experimenting with restaurants everywhere I go. However, because of its rich and oily character, I never favored Indian fare in restaurants. Thankfully, one meal at MasalaZone, Bandra changed my opinion about the same. We tried a bunch of different dishes from their menu and each was delicious in its own way. So here is my review. The first thing we noticed when we walked in was how huge the place is. For Bandra standards, its definitely really spacious and offers an indoor as well as outdoor seating. Thanks to the nice weather, my friend and I sat outside. And since its become such a trend to add a filter to your food photos, all the ones on this post are Instagrammed :) 

I am a huge lover of red meat and I love spicy food, so I started with meal with an appetizer called Patthar ka gosht which is basically a Hyderabadi dish of mutton/lamb seared on a stone slab. It was just the right amount of spicy and the lamb was so tender that it melted in our mouths. The perfect way to start a meal!

Patthar ka Gosht

Next up was Butter Garlic Prawns - a dish that needs no explanation. Grilled prawns marinated with butter and garlic. Being a Bengali, I love seafood so I just had to have prawns and these were fantastic.

Butter garlic prawns

Continuing our common love for seafood, my friend and I were keen on trying some fish so we went for Tandoori Pomfret which is Pomfret fish marinated in a mixture of lime juice, chilly powder, curd and spices, cooked in a grill. This dish was perhaps the only one which did not impress us so much but wasn't bad either.

Tandoori Pomfret

After pigging out on so many starters and having demolished lamb, prawns and shrimp, for main course we decided to go for the last thing left on our list - Chicken! Mind you, were were just 2 girls but we actually did manage to finish everything so far :)

For main course, we ordered Murg Mughlai, a thick and creamy dish with a hint of sweetness and boiled egg garnish. The best part about it was that it wasn't rich or oily at all so we could enjoy the taste without the heaviness associated with Indian cuisine. 

Murg Mughlai
To accompany the chicken, we had cheese chilly naan, which was spicy, delicious and filled with generous amounts of cheese. Absolutely delicious!

Cheese Chilli Naan

Overall, I loved the food and service and was delighted to find an Indian restaurant which does not overload the food in oil and doesn't leave you feeling heavy after a meal. Price wise too, Masalazone is extremely reasonable for Mumbai standards and the portions give you total value for money.

Me and my friend Eva after our meal :)

So if you're in Bandra and are looking for delicious Indian food you must visit MasalaZone!

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ONGC Complex,
Opposite Leelavati Hosptial,
21-B, Reclamation, Bandra West,
Mumbai, MH 400050
Phone: 022 2643 9239

PS: It's in the same lane as Candies on the extreme left once you enter the lane