How to Rotate Pictures in Blogger

I do not know any html or coding language but I do play a lot of video games and have been addicted to my computer for over thirteen years and am fairly good at sorting out software issues so I decided to write this post. Speaking of issues, I'm sure all of you using blogger as a platform may have realized that blogger has a few of its own.
A prominent issue I have faced over time is the fact that sometimes, photos you upload get auto rotated once you insert them into your blog. And unfortunately, you can't rotate pictures in Blogger. Also, even if you upload the picture again, its still rotated and is probably displayed sideways. So how do you sort this?I'll tell you how using this picture of mine below as an example!

Now each time you upload pictures to your blog, they are added to your Picasa Web Album. So, once you upload the picture in blogger and it appears sideways -

1) Go to your Picasa Web Album through this link - If you are signed into your gmail or blogger account, you'll be automatically logged in and will see all the photos you've ever uploaded on your blog on it, divided into various albums.

2) Find the picture you want to rotate. It should be in an album which has the latest possible date. Click on it. It will open up with a dark background with some options above it. There will be a rotate button on top which you need to click on to get the correct side up.

I've used my own picture below to illustrate. And have marked the rotate button with the horrible red triangle I drew using MSPaint. I'm sure you can't miss that :p

3) As you rotate the picture, it gets auto saved! All you need to do is fix it and put it in the correct side.

4) Now, go back to the upload picture option, and choose the image from Picasa Web Album (highlighted in red in the pic below) As you can see, the same image is straight now!

So there you go, that was an easy way to sort out blogger's photo flipping issue. Wasn't it?

PS: This post inspired me to start writing about blogging tips in the future!