New Look + Online Shop

Hey everyone! I haven't been blogging much lately because I've been terribly busy and have been travelling a lot. I work in Mumbai in a social media agency but I live in Pune which is a few hours away so I divide my time equally between the two cities. Anyway, this year the rains hit India really accurately ( 1st June! ) and along with it came the ubiqutous bad hair days so for over a month, my mood could be described as -

 I was obviously fed up so I went to my hair dresser and got my hair chemically straightened. The result? She used Schwarzkopf Glatt and my hair is amazingly soft, straight and sleek now. But that was not it, I also decided to get a drastic new hairstyle so I got a cute little fringe too. Yes, I look extremely Chinese/South East Asian now. But the good thing is I also look much younger because a bunch of 18-19 year old girls totally thought I was in their age group! What do you think of my new look? I'll be doing a few outfit posts soon so you'll get to see more pictures of my new hairstyle. 

So, getting back to topic, after getting inspired from a lot of fashion bloggers around the world, I decided to open an online store with handpicked clothing of my choice from around the world. Check it out here. There is a tab on my menu which will redirect you to the page too. For now, I'm only shipping within India and have featured my products on a facebook album but I aspire to open a worldwide online store eventually. There are a lot more items I have in stock but unfortunately, with my travels and work schedule, I haven't had the time to put up the pictures. So please wish me luck for my new venture and tell me what you think of the collection :)