My Favorite Shoes + Amazing Milanoo!

Ever since I saw the wedge sneakers created by Isabel Marant, I was smitten by them. Of course, the price tag was not something I was ready to pay and it wasn't available in India either. So, a few months later (this January) when I saw a similar design at Promod, I was delighted and picked them up almost immediately. These babies are one of my favorite shoes because they look stylish and sporty while adding a bit of height at the same time. I even mentioned them on my new year post here. I usually team them with shorts, skirts or these gray leopard print leggings in the pic below. Do you like the wedge sneaker trend?

 Now, if you love shopping online like me then you ought to know about, an online store which has pretty much everything under the moon besides fashionable clothing like Lolita outfits, cosplay outfits and even home decor stuff. I've always had a thing for black shorts and have owned several pairs over the past few years. My previous pair had gotten pretty old so as a replacement I got these awesome black shorts from them which fit like a dream and I literally live in them. My order arrived really fast and I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a cute Milanoo labelled cardboard box with the shorts inside in a resealable plastic bag. That was not all, they even placed an envelope inside with a small card thanking me for choosing their site. 
Here are the shorts -

I loved their service and quality so I recommend you to check out the next time you're looking for good quality, shipping and pricing.