Jump From Paper - Cool Quirky Bags

Now there's no denying that Chinese designers make fashion unbelievably quirky and innovative and as proof, today I discovered Jump From Paper, an amazing brand by 2 creative designers from Taiwan called Chay Su and Rika Lin who've created an awesome line of bags inspired by cartoons and manga that look like 2D illustrations. Every detail reveals the boldness and creativity of the designer duo. The collection not only serves as a perfect expression of individualism and uniqueness but it also speaks the philosophy of their brand, “born to enjoy life!”

Yes, this is not a photoshop trick! These are real bags. Unbelievable right? You can click on each bag to see its original page on their official website and you can see their facebook page here. Carry one of these and you're sure to make quite a statement! They're available in stores in China, but for the rest of us, thankfully they have an online store too. I especially love the last bag - Travel Fever. Someone gift it to me please :)



First Date

Afternoon Tea 


Travel Fever

Jump From Paper rightly believes that life is too short to go around being boring all day and I definitely agree with them. What about you?