My Dubai Trip - Part 1

If you've read my blog recently then you'd know that I was invited to attend the Splash Fashion Show in Dubai last weekend so here I am telling you about my wonderful trip. I was staying at the Dar Al Masyaf in Madinat Jumeirah, a gorgeous resort by the stunning Jumeirah beach which resembles a traditional Arabian town, a super luxurious one, of course! Its voted as the number one hotel in Dubai, and rightly so. Whether its the architecture, amenities or service, Dar Al Masyaf is outstanding in every way possible.  

The driveway to the entrance

The entrance

The night view of the entrance

The resort is humongous and is linked by waterways and bridges, giving it a Venice like feeling. And within the resort you have the option to travel by buggy or by Abra's (the traditional Arabic boat) which act as water taxis.

 I chose to be taken to my suite by an Abra of course! 

And this is the entrance to my villa! 

I had a 24 hour butler service in the villa and my butler, Raquel was really friendly and incredibly sweet. Though I was staying all alone (which is why you can't see me in any of the pictures) she made me feel like I always had a friend around. Sadly, she had a day off on the last day of my stay so I could not click a picture with her!

The common courtyard of the villa

And now, let me show you my gorgeous (not so) little room

My room 

The door to the left is the balcony
I had a wonderful balcony with this view so I did spend a lot of time outside by the serene waterways

A corner of my balcony
The front view to my balcony
Here's where I intended to blog from but didn't get the time!

Madinat Jumeirah leaves you spoilt for choice as there are 42 restaurants and various bars spread across the sprawling resort. On my first day, I went for the friday brunch at the Arboretum which is known for hosting the best buffet in Dubai. I also had an early dinner there before my fashion show and to my luck, they have an Asian night on Fridays which totally sorted out my South East Asian Cuisine cravings. There was a live counter for soups and I had the best Tom Yum soup in my life over there :)

The spread at Arboretum
I also dined at the Khaymat Al Bahar for lunch on the following day, which has a stunning view of the beach and is by the pool side.

One of the food stations at the Khaymat Al Bahar
The seating area at the Khaymat Al Bahar 

The view from where I ate

The pool looked tempting but I really wanted to see the beach and boy was I thrilled once I got there. The resort has its own private beach with cute tents and sun beds, just perfect for lounging in front of the gorgeous blue ocean. 

The resort is owned by the same group which owns the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, which can be prominently seen from the beach.

There is lovely pier across the beach which leads to an award winning seafood restaurant called Pierchic which has won awards for both its cuisine and romantic setting. I fell in love with the food and ambience at Pierchic! 

Thankfully I did manage to hit Trilogy-one of the clubs in the hotel, which also happens to be one of Dubai's best clubs. In cooler months such as now, the party is shifted to the rooftop so I entered to an empty club completely amused at where the party was. My friend and I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out where the party was but finally managed to find it on the rooftop and had a great time.

This post was all about my stay in Dubai. Watch out for my next few posts, because I am going to tell you all about the amazing Splash Fashion Show which I attended and more about my travels in Dubai to every fashionista's dream destination - The Dubai Mall! And I'll show you my shopping too :)