My Dubai Trip - Part 2

Okay, now this post has a lot of - 'the world's largest' being quoted in it. Sorry about that but I couldn't help but notice it myself so I thought I'll just mention it before you start reading, in case you do. Okay, so now The Dubai Mall is the world's largest mall and is host to the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival. With a gazillion brands all under one roof, from high street to luxury, this mall is truly a fashionista's dream destination. When I went there for the first time, I just knew I had to go back and kill it with the shopping bags, which I did the next day, and returned to India with a very swollen foot (my injuries from my January accident had not healed completely but I had removed my cast for the Dubai trip)

The mall is a dream for fashion lovers with over 1200 stores and brands from all around the world! I shopped from Topshop, H&M, Zara, Mango, SuiteBlanco, New Yorker and Sephora. I also hit Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, Bershka, Pull & Bear and Stradivarius apart from other stores and got extremely confused in Victoria's Secret and Forever 21 because they are just too huge for one to not spend a couple of hours inside or maybe, I'm just a slow shopper.

I discovered Blanco, an amazing Spanish brand with some really cool stuff!

The mall also has the world’s largest shoe store - Level Shoe District. With gold arches marking the entrance and a prominent Louis Vuitton flagship store, the shoe district is truly Shoe Heaven.

I love what the giant shoe says - SHOE LOVE IS TRUE LOVE

This shoe above is about 6 ft tall. A girl sat in it while her boyfriend was taking a picture when I was passing by. I was alone so I guess I should've taken her picture too. But I just took it after the a mall employee told her that they couldn't take any but let them get away with a picture. Next time I go there, I will PWN that shoe. 

One of the gorgeous shoe displays in the Shoe District

Moving on, right next to the H&M store, is The Dubai Aquarium, which has the world's largest acrylic viewing panel is filled with the most amazing Marine fish and has over 30,000 of them. The outside of the aquarium is always swarming with people taking pictures so I decided to join it. I din't take the Aquarium Tour because an experience like that would be more fun with friends or marine life lovers.

I couldn't get over the Ray fish, which look super cute swimming around in the tank

The ray fish look like little faires flying in the water! I couldn't get enough of them!

Right outside the mall is the Burj Khalifa lake, which hosts The Dubai Fountain - the world's largest choreographed fountain system. Illuminated by loads of lights and projectors, the fountain dances to a song and looks pretty awesome at night. It played Thriller by Michael Jackson when I was there. 

Right outside the fountain is the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It looks divine at night, with twinkly lights across the towering stucture. Besides, an observation deck on top, this impressive 163 floor skyscraper hosts apartments, restaurants and even an Armani Hotel and residences! So lets go buy a house there asap :p

A super blurry shot of me outside the Burj

Another Blurry pic of me by the Burj Khalifa

A clearer shot of the Burj

I managed to get some more shots of the Burj from my cab in the day time. The funniest part was that when I asked the cab driver what the building was, he told me it was a normal residential building. So I was in awe of it and kept wondering how tall the Burj would be then. The same night I got to know that the poor cabbie probably didn't know much and that was the Burj Khalifa itself. 

A selfie from the cab 

The world's largest Candy Store :)

Dynamite Shrimp at P.F Chang's - Yummy

I finally ate the Mc Donald's Quarter Pounder. Its finally off my food bucket list :)

Basically, this short trip has gotten me totally in love with the vibrant and beautiful city of Dubai and I really hope to go back real soon. Stay tuned for my next post as I'll be taking you to a front row view of the Splash Fashion Show which I attended there.