Broken Foot Again!!!!

Okay, this time its broken toe but this is insane right? For those of you who've been regular readers you may remember that right at the start of this year in January I had broken my foot and was limping halfway through the year and was in a lot of pain. So I became perfectly fine by June and just in the start of December, once again I managed to find myself in an accident and broke a toe! This time, I'm not even depressed, I'm just incredibly amused. Like seriously. Two times. Same foot. Same year. Wow. Lets just hope I can walk normally and wear heels soon otherwise I'll start doing depression related posts again. Thankfully I have a splint this time though I still cant walk, everything is better than a cast. Isn't it? Anyway, for now, let me share some hilarious stuff I found on someecards thanks to Pinterest.

Oops I did it again!!

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