Book Review - Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper

I travel a lot every week from one city to another and I can never sleep when I'm in a car so I often read. Being an animal lover and a sucker for romance at times, I was charmed by Good Guys Love Dogs by Inglath Cooper. This is a touching story about a rich New York businessman called Ian McKinley who moves to a small town in Virginia to repair the strained relationship between him and his son. Add our heroine Colby to the equation, a small town veterinarian who has a similar problem of her own with her teenage daughter, and we have an adorable love story.

As much as Fifty Shades has been the talk of the town all over the world, lets face it, its just a Twilight rip-off where you replace all the werewolves and vampires with kinky f*ckery. No offense to Fifty Shades lovers, but honestly I found it kinda boring and felt it was bad fan fiction. Anyway, lets get back to Good Guys Love Dogs. Colby, the small town vet is a single mother who is content with her life but things change when she meets the hunky millionaire Ian who shows up in her town. To put it in a nutshell, very soon sparks fly. Throw in a budding romance between their kids and the rest is history.

This book is an enjoyable romance will appeal to readers who like realistic characters and are animal lovers. I always wanted to be a vet as a child so I instantly fell in love with Colby. The characters are adorable and the story is humorous and interesting. I would recommend this sweet story to any girl out there because trust me, you wont be disappointed!


Inglath Cooper is a winner of the RITA Award for best long contemporary romance novel given out each year by Romance Writers of America. Her books have been described as a combination of Danielle Steel meets Luanne Rice.

Inglath most often writes stories about love and life that are set in small Virginia towns like the one where she grew up. “I like to think the flavor of my hometown shows up in my books both in their setting and through the characters who people it.”

Outside of writing, Inglath is actively involved in dog and cat rescue, working with The Franklin County Humane Society to place dogs and cats in need of rehoming.