Girl Crush : Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey, the self confessed Gangsta Nancy Sinatra has got me fascinated. Her style of music is a fresh change from all the electro-pop everyone's singing and her old Hollywood glamour look just fits in perfectly with it. I am in love with her singles Blue Jeans and Born to Die and am glad that finally here is an artist who's music does not revolve around a club or a dance floor.  

Besides her haunting voice and melancholy songs she is also gorgeous and has a unique retro - sporty sense of style. As you  may now, this it girl already has a Mulberry bag - the del rey named after her. She wears her evening gowns with equal elegance as she pairs her jeans with varsity jackets and sneakers. She looked stunning at the recent MET gala where she looked like a hot vampire with dark lips, a black cape and  a sparkly evening gown. Major Girl Crush!