Calvin Klein Jeans - Summer 2012

Calvin Klein Jeans' summer collection 2012 has a lot of great casual clothes perfect for our hot Indian weather. They have a nice range of bright colored jeans and shorts along with breezy dresses that will definitely help you beat the heat. I particularly loved their bright shorts and jeans.

This cowl neck dress is great for a formal event or work

I loved this flowy dress with the bust detailing - its cute, sexy and comfortable

This shirt is just perfect for work.  Don't miss the jeans 
These jeans above deserve a special mention because if Edward Cullen was a pair of jeans, he'd definitely be these. Not only do they fit like a dream with a cool zipper detailing, they also sparkle! Sadly, I couldn't snap it up in the picture. If want your jeans to have a subtle sparkle, these are perfect! I loved them! 

My summer staple - shorts and a tee

The men's collection was impressive too. With lots of tees, shirts and of course, jeans.