LFW Day 2 : Disney Couture by Little Shilpa & Nitin Bal Chauhan

It was a very Disney day, let me say night, at fashion week on day 2 when Little Shilpa and Nitin Bal Chauhan, showcased their Mickey and Minnie inspired collection. As you may know, Little Shilpa is one of our country's most prominent accessory designers and the first half of the show had her creations with the famous mice splattered on them, one at a time, of course. Her fun quirky designs used in monochrome were thankfully fresh compared to the passe cartoon images of Mickey and Miney we've seen on teeshirts and other clothing before.

Nitin's part was fun too, starting off with Alice In Wonderland suggestions mixed along. The runway took the form of a cafe where some models stood at the counter, having their tea and a chat while the rest of the show went on. This was a different and fun way a show was carried out.This collection, titled Memories of Mickey and Minnie Mouse by Little Shilpa & Nitin Bal Chauhan was definitely the most anticipated show of the day, especially by fashion insiders and had a rather humorous Minnie Mouse ending the show who left everybody guessing about the orientation of the person inside the suit.