We all talk about style and fashion and trends and items, but nobody ever mentions the power of a good hairstyle. Hair is a key factor which can make or break your look. New clothes, shoes and bags are obviously happiness enduring, but a new haircut can uplift your mood, spirit and appearance to a whole new level. Its incredible and never fails (unless your hairstylist has done a bad job!) 

 I got the inspiration to write this post because I had the same boring straight long hairstyle for over a year now and on new years eve, four days ago, I decided to start the new year with a new hairstyle and got a haircut. And trust me, I feel like a superstar now!

For those of you who want a new look in the new year, I'd suggest a change of hairstyle! The only reason why everyone looks so amazing on television, films and the red carpet is because their hair is perfectly styled. So whenever you want a little pick-me-up, go to the salon and get your hair done. 

Here are a few inspirational and lovely hairstyles -