Broken Foot!

I hurt my leg pretty bad two weeks ago and went about my business limping everywhere for two whole weeks as the swelling and pain reduced greatly. Now my workplace is really close to my house and transportation is a bit tricky for such a short distance so I would walk limp back home everyday for a whole week when I started feeling that something is really wrong with my foot because it should not take this long to heal. So over the weekend I went to see my mum who lives in Pune and decided to go back to a hospital for a second opinion. And upon getting an x ray, guess what the results were? I have not one, not two but three fractures on my toes right in the middle of my foot. They've put it in a cast for the next two weeks so I am pretty disabled and need to drag myself around everywhere at the speed of a mile an hour. I've already had the same foot in a cast before as I had a broken bone on the same foot about five years ago but for some reason, this time the cast is really annoying me. However, my mum was really sweet and took me shopping the next day to cheer me up and got me a fabulous faux fur scarf from the French brand Promod. As bummed as I am about the cast,  I was looking around for relevant fashion inspiration while being injured and came across Jessie J, the spunky and fabulous singer who had a broken ankle last year and wore a cast for four long months. She rocked a cast and proved that a broken bone can't let her down! Have you ever had a broken foot? Tell me your story. And in the meantime, check out Jessie J rocking it up in a cast.

How cute does she look in a spirit hood?

She killed it at the VMAs with the cast