If you love bling and shimmer and sequins, then say hello to Paillettes. Paillettes are basically giant sequins that are used to embellish clothing, foowear or accessories. Oval or round are common shapes, but they are made in other forms too as you can see in the pictures below. They add serious bling to a garment, so this style is not for the faint hearted! 

Contrary to sequins, paillettes have a hole near the top which allows them to dangle so they can be attractive for anyone who wants them to twirl as she spins or dances. They also give a mermaid look to a skirt, which I absolutely adore, as you can see in the picture below!

Paillettes can be added to clothing in small amounts or they can be applied all over. Their shiny qualities are best suited to evening wear. So would you try a paillette embellished dress for a night out?