Real People Real Fashion

Do you know where actual fashion exists? Well, its not what you see on the runways or the red carpets.

Because practically speaking, nobody wears over-the-top /sheer /mismatched outfits in day to day life (besides celebrities) and in the same way, a very brief population of the world attends red carpet events

Coco on Fashionfreax
Well that leaves fashion in our hands. The best fashion show is on streets across the world. ( third world countries like mine are still trying hard to develop fashion, but hopefully in another 173 years the whole world will be really fashionable )

If you're looking for fashion inspiration or seek knowledge of how people around the world dress, you must visit the sites below. You can also become a member and post your looks to them -

1. LOOKBOOK - This is a website where stylish men and women from around the world post their looks. It makes you realise that there are millions of amazing, creative and fashionable people around the world.

Lua P's on 

2. STREET STYLE BLOG - This blog snaps stylish people on streets around the world. But the best part? The pictures are all organized according to trends!

Bezo on Fashionfreax

3. FASHIONFREAX - Fashion freax has the same concept as lookbook but people also post picture of looks they love on others or celebrites. So check it out!