Fashion Faux Pas 101

Katy Perry's dress is skanky!
Ah, just two more days till payday!
I've been super broke and annoyed this month so I decided to do a rant post.

This is something I've always thought to myself but at the same time have never heard or read anyone ever discuss.

Now there are a zillion blogs that talk about the Fashion Police and Fugly clothes, but if you look beyond that, one major factor contributes to a bad outfit. And that is whether it it goes with your appearance/body type.

Now as much fashion is about expressing yourself and dressing according to your personality, the way you end up looking also matters greatly with your physical appearance.

I'm totally pro dressing in line with your personal style statement  but honestly, for every chic girl on the street there are twenty (or more) who walk around like fashion disasters or end up looking extremely wannabe.

It is a common sight, especially in Bombay, to see a lot of girls who have Indianized features / hairstyles yet try to dress Parisian ala oversized pretty top, tailored pants, big belt / bag, fancy shoes and honestly, they do not look very nice that way.

Below I have a few celebrity examples who've gone wrong too.

My first example is Megan Fox. Look at the image on the left. She is mind blowingly beautiful, extremely sexy and has a body to die for. The glamorous Donna Karan gown she is wearing just adds to her appeal and make her look like a goddess.

Now look at the image on the right, her face looks gorgeous and super hot (when does it not?) but the dress? Well its by Zac Posen and would look perfect on a 16 year old for her prom, or on a cuter girl ( think Anna Faris, Julianne Hough ) but it just does not work on the smokin' hot Fox

MORAL OF THE STORY: Dress according to your face.

Look at Fearne Cotton (left) waist up. Awesome rocker chic vibe. Right? Do you see her pants? Can  you see how awful they look? Part harem part pyjama = Disaster

The harem pants trend is not a very easy one to rock my ladies. So think carefully before you buy any because this is not an easy look to pull off.

Now moving aside to the gorgeous and super pretty Cheryl Cole (right) who is out to party, as you can tell from her sparkly heels, jewelry and hair.

But thanks to her satin pyjama suit, she looks like she got out of bed got ready and forgot to wear her party outfit and stepped out of the house.

 Last season, sleepwear as outerwear was an upcoming trend. Fashion
biggies like Dolce & Gabbana attempted to start a pyjama trend and lots of stars religiously followed with disastrous results  (See link here)

Thankfully, this trend couldn't make a global impact.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not follow trends blindly. You will end up looking like a fool, no matter how rich, famous or gorgeous you are.