Horror Movie Checklist

If you enjoy grotesque, twisted and disturbing films, then this post shall be a checklist for you. I really love watching horror/torture/splatter films and here are some films I found deeply disturbing and awesome :)

Frozen 2010

I saw this film very recently and was completely blown by it. After the first half hour, I was glued to my couch.    The script does get boring at times but I really liked the situation and story! Awesome!

Martyrs (French) 2008
This is a very strange french film. Extremely unpredictable. I found it downright strange and was extremely disturbed in the last half hour of the film.

The Saw Franchise 2004-2010

Ah, the Saw franchise. Ive been a hardcore loyal fan and have watched all of them. The complicated and awesome storyline did not end gracefully, but it was a fantastic journey.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose 2005
Ah, spooky spooky! The actress playing Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) has done such a good job. Very nice film.

The Ring 2004
Mother of spooky films!  My favorite horror film ever! Fantastic and intriguing story. Makes you afraid of a landline ringing immediately after you finish watching it.

The Unborn 2009
 Watch it alone at home with lights off and surround sound. I can guarantee you that Jumby will scare the shit out of you. Though he's just a little boy! I also like the concept of the unborn ghost aka the dybbuk.

Mirrors 2008
Good story. Spooky setting. Awesome jaw rip scene!!!

Cannibal Holocaust 1980

This film is banned in a zillion countries. Watch it and you'll know why!

And now some horror films on the lighter side :

One Missed Call 2009
Now, everyone likes a techno savvy ghost!

Tokyo Gore Police (Japanese) 2008

Very gory but fun Japanese film. Extremely Bizarre!

Insanitarium 2008
This movie is so bad its good. An attempt at horror, it made me laugh out loud.

Hostel Part II 2007

Fun Story!