Games I'm Playin Now

Yeah I know this one came out two years ago but I've started it real late.... all because the Prince is really hot!!!
Since this one got an Epic rating and it is from Bioware, I had to give it a shot so here it goes. The combat is fun, the story's interesting too but I'm old fashioned and Dragon Age Origins rocks my world!

Ah, my all time favorite. I am desperately waiting for a sequel. I loved this game. This is the best game I've ever played. Story, Graphics, Gameplay, Music are all 10/10. The best part was the Romance option!!! Hehehe I'm a girl after all :)
After like ten years, I decided to play a driving game, so gave this one a shot. Was good fun racing some fancy souped up rides. But really tiring on the keyboard to continuously accelerate. I left out all the drift races though, since I'm too dumb to figure out how to use the handbrake and make the car drift. 
Since I loved Bioshock, I had to play the sequel. It was a tad too disappointing and a bit repetitive. Nevertheless, I'm a sucker for the little sisters. How cute are they?? I hope Bioshock 3 brings some crazy new splicers and plasmids!