Hi, my name is June. 
I was born in May :)

I'm from an Army background and have been blogging since 2007 and started off with fashion, beauty and lifestyle but eventually found my true passion in travel blogging. 

I've been traveling ever since I was a child and the extensive knowledge I gained from travel blogging and my passion for curating unique travel experiences inspired me to start guided tours and trips. 

I create personalized itineraries and give you insider knowledge based on your interests so that you have an amazing trip and a memorable vacation. 

As I love beaches, I mainly focus on islands and beach destinations in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.  

I am also a huge foodie and can guide you on all best restaurants and food spots in the places you visit during your travels. 

For more information about my travels, you can catch up with me on Instagram - @junebiswas 

There are two sides to me - when I'm not obsessing about fashion and shopping, I'm a total geek (computer stuff, video games and reading crap). I have also worked in data analytics and enjoy going through large chunks of data!

I also (strangely?) harbor an immense love for horror films and video games. I used to blog about them here till I shifted all my focus on this blog. 

I love animals and have two adorable dogs 

No, that cow in the picture above is not my dog. 

I think that's enough about me for now. But if you want to know more about me, check out 7 random facts about me and my 11 things tag answers